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Annual Sports

Annual Sports of the school are held in winter every year. The entire school has been divided into four houses namely Nalanda, Takshashila, Ujjaini and Vallabhi, the well-known ancient Indian centers of Learning.

The school participates in various activities like Annual RSP Rally, Jumbori Camps, Scout guide District Rally, one day hikes to different places etc.

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Nature Club

To enrich the child's knowledge and create an awareness; the school has formed 'The Nature Club'.
Children are taken on nature trails etc.
It's objectives:
To inculcate the ideal values to preserve the nature and harness it for future .
To appreciate and nurture nature for posterity .
Keeping the above objectives in view the Udayachal Nature Club-'Laburnum' was formed.


Nature Club Nature Club




Music & Dance

To inculcate love for music and dance, competitions like musical fiesta and classical dance are held every year


Music Dance







Teacher's Day

Teacher's Day is celebrated differently in Udayachal. Children of Std X take over the responsibility on behalf of the teachers. They present a cultural programme for their respective class teachers. Teacher development programme is conducted to update the staff about the advancement in the field of education.

The Udayachal Family

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Uday Magazine

The school publishes a magazine yearly, called Uday. The cover of the magazine is selected through art competitions. It encourages the children and the staff to express their views on various topics through different forms of expressions like essays, poems, stories, and anecdotes. It gives a preview of the competitions held in the academic year and the meritorious achievements of students and teachers.






  Udayachal Ministries

The staff & the students are divided into four ministries. Namely-
Cultural Ministry
Discipline Ministry
Sports Ministry
Cleanliness Ministry

The above mentioned bodies carry out their respective duties throughout the academic year. Every class has a student representative. These representatives co-ordinate & organise their members to perform duties during special assemblies, programmes,& competitions.









  Annual Day
It is conducted in the month of January. It comprises of dramatics, exhibitions and ground display.


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